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Express Molding is a manufacturer of flexible gear shift boots and flexible gear shift bellows for every possible vehicle Custom molding of gear shift boots, gear shift bellows, knobs and bushings
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ISO9001:2008 Certified

Express Molding is a designer and manufacturer of plastic injection molded components for every application. We are a privately owned Canadian based full service supplier of molded plastic and elastomeric products engineered to meet specific dynamic and environmental applications.

Our primary focus is the engineering and production of automotive boots or gear shift bellows, knobs and bushings for automotive and other industry applications in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. We offer Total Manufacturing Solutions in areas of:

Express Molding is based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  We manufacture flexible gear shift boots and gear shift bellows for every type of vehicle.
Product Design, Production and Assembly
Tooling Design, Production and Assembly
Prototype and Production Molding and Assembly
We guarantee compliance with ISO9001:2008 protocol.

Our dynamic team of professionals specializes in engineering, tooling, manufacturing and quality assurance. We are committed to delivering the highest quality products, cost effective solutions and superior personal attention to our clients.

Our Mission
We use documented ISO9001:2008 quality management systems established to meet the requirements of our customers in producing a quality product.
Our experience and our training qualify us to do the job that fulfils the requirements our supervisors have determined for our positions.
Our authority to do our job comes from the written procedures and work instructions detailed for the job we are responsible for doing.
Our role and responsibility is to uphold the highest "Express Quality System" standards to ensure the correct procedures are consistently followed.

Quality Policy
Express Molding strives to meet and exceed customer requirements with a focus on continually improving product quality and service.
We solve your reliability and functionality problems the old fashioned way, with experience.